It's project grew and reformed over the years, until it achieved the desired format, a 60 minutes Radioshow with the house's musical base as its main style, not to mention all its subgenres such as Deep , Soulful and NuDisco. Each Radioshow takes a lot of hours behind your preparation, search for themes, search for DJ's for GuestMix and a careful production so that each new Radioshow is better than the previous one. Thus, every 5 Radioshows, Javier Calvo brings a DJ of national and international renown to delight the listeners of his Radioshow with a Exclusive Set of 30 minutes that have passed dj's of the likes of Othersoul, Luis del Villar, Juan Otazo, Sebastián Gamboa, Silvia Zaragoza, Cool Million, David Penn, José Bellver, AM2PM, Félix da Funk, Richard Earnshaw, DJ Bee, Marco Pérez, Alfred Azzetto, José Rodenas, Chris Sammarco, DJ Le Barón, Jota Navarro, José Nandez, Alaia & Gallo, Raúl Alcázar and Federico Scavo among others.

It should be noted that since the birth of its Radioshow "DREAMS HIGHWAY", the number of national and international broadcasters who have been interested in it has been increasing, resulting in more than 40 Radio Stations in Spain, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands , Latin America, UK, Italy, France and recently Australia.